Precision Flow Regulator with Ice-Cube Flowmeter

Model Number

F3 – A – 25 – Q

General Description

Delta-Q is a durable and economical precision flow regulator modules that can be used in conjunction with other Smartflow components such as:

  • Threaded End Caps
  • IceCube Flowmeters
  • Temperature and Pressure Gauges
  • Dr. Eddy Flowmeter/Turbulent Flow indicators
  • Tracer Electronic Flowmeters
  • Cooling Water Manifolds

The Delta-Q Regulator allows full adjustability of flow volume from unrestricted flow to complete shut off using the manual flow control knob.

The modular design allows users to customize models meeting Scientific Cooling requirements for each application.  The glass-filled nylon body is lightweight and durable.  Internal stainless steel components are resistant to corrosion.


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