Tracker Voltage

Tracker voltage controllers are solid state devices, designed, manufactured and built in Canada for the Plastic and Processing Industry where a variable amount of power is required. The output power is modulated by the potentiometer dial on the face of the unit and the load current is easily visible from the front. Tracker Voltage Controllers are capable of supplying up to 6700 Watts of actual power (no derating required) at 240V.


  • 0-100% power adjustable
  • Load current display
  • Optional twistlock receptacle
  • Standalone or Mountable unit types
  • High degree of durability
  • Fan coolng for 30A and higher models

Available Models:

  • Current Ratings: 5A/10A/15A/30A
  • Voltage Ratings: 120V/240V
  • Application Specific type is also available.
  • One year limited warranty

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