Swap Valve Purge Cooling Water using Shop Air

Now available in 3 material Choices

  • 1 and 2 inch sizes in Brass with Stainless Steel Disc, or Anodized Aluminum
  • Most Economical 1 inch size with Glass Filled Nylon Outer plates and Stainless Steel Disc.

The Smartflow SWAP Valve supplies cooling water to the mold during processing. Secondly, it supplies air to purge the water from the mold, cooling lines, supply and return manifolds prior to tool changes. It also provide a manual vent to release built-up air pressure within the cooling water loop after purging.
An included check vlve should be installed in the return line downstream from the “Return Manifold” to prevent backflow to the mold.

Tubing may be connected to the manual vent drawin port so any residula water after the purge cycle can be drained into a container or drain.

An optional spring-loaded, locking pin is available for molder who require two hand operation. This prevents accidental valve handle movement.


  • Timesavings saves 15-20 miutes of unproductive tool change time.
  • Supply line id permits fast identification of supply lines by noting which manifold is connected to the SWAP Valve.
  • Water Shut-Off SWAP Valve shuts off supply water conveniently near the machine control
  • Full Port Design permits maximum cooling water flow with minimum pressure drop.
  • Safety housekeeping elimenates root cause of accidents by keeping floors dry
  • Mold Maintenance prepares injectin omold for preventative maineance and stroage.
  • Optiaonl Positive lock prevents accidental movement of valve handle

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