The SA200 is a high performance 32nd DIN controller that has been specifically designed for applications where panel space is critical.  Though small in size, this controller has exceptional features such as dual display of process and set value, mounting flexibility, advanced self-tuning, alarms and MODBUS communications.


  • 1/32 DIN size with dual display
  • 4-20mA output for control/re-transmission
  • Dual set point
  • PV ration, Peak/Bottom hold, Ramp-to-setpoint
  • Loop break alarm and temperature alarms
  • Digital communications

Self-Tuning Algorithm

The SA200 offers a new self-tuning feature that is initiated at start-up and when process parameters or conditions change.  In these situations, the controller evalutes whether the preset self-tuning parameters to achieve the best control for the process.  Self-tuning can be manually tuned ON/OFF in the parameter setting mode.  This feature is not available with the Heat/Cool control.

In addition to self-tuning the SA200 has standard autotuning (AT) so that either function can be selected to achieve optimum process control

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