RB Series

Save space with a RB series temperature controller that gives outstanding control capability and comprehensive functions incorporated into a slim body case.

  • Panel space saving : 60mm depth (RB100 : 63mm depth)
  • Easy maintenance Plug-in
  • Easy-to-read with large 11-segment LCD display
  • Store up to 4 Set Values
  • Numerous inputs and outputs (Option)
  • Calculates optimum PID values to stabilize control faster than ever
  • Sampling 0.25sec
  • Easy Fine tuning with 6-level of control response adjustment
  • Startup tuning
  • Easy parameter setup via USB loader port (Loader communication)
  • RKC temperature controller applications include: various plastic machines (extruders, injection, etc), electric furnaces, semi-conductor, food processing, environmental chambers, plastic packaging equipment , heat processing and many more.

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