Mold Temperature Regulators

Available Models

WDT2-N2-N41/4 ” NPT(F)1/2″ NPT(F)
WDT2-SP-P21/4″ Quick Connect Socket1/2″ Quick Connect Plug
WDT2S3-P33/8″ Quick Connect Socket3/8″ Quick Connect Plug
WDT2-N2-N4-M1/4″ NPT(F) 7 port Manifold1/2″ NPT(F)
WDMF-100: MANIFOLD ONLY 1/4″ NPT(f) 7 port

Turbulent Flow, Supply Cooling Water Pressure & Temperature

Traditionally, high turbulent flow rates are used in cooling water loops to achieve acceptable heat transfer rates from the mold.  High turbulent flow rates are irrelevant when using the Smartflow Mold Temperature Regulator.  It regulates cooling water flow leaving the mold to achieve Set Point temperature.  The unit is unaffected by supply cooling water pressure and temperature.  For example, it automatically compensates for temperature changes of cooling tower water between night and day.


Features and Benefits

  • Multiple zone control using several regulators or an optional inlet manifold facilitates effective zone control.
  • Unaffected by pressure changes the Mold Temperature Regulator uses the therman expansion preinciple for operation.
  • Handles tower water temperature changes modulates flow to control cooling water temperature.
  • In-line Mounting installs easily without additional hardware
  • Cost of ownership typically 1/6 the cost of a conventional electric mold heater
  • Maintenance free few internal parts for trouble free operation
  • Energy saving it uses no electricity, conserving precious energy dollars
  • Small size cleans up shop floor clutter no hoses or power cords to trip over
  • Integral dial thermometer verifies Set Point Temperature.
  • Optional inlet manifold provides termpatuer control for multiple zones with one regulator.

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