Dr. Eddy® turbulent Flow Indicators with FCI Technology


Dr. Eddy diagnoses flow condition.

Using FCI Technology, Dr. Eddy displays the condition of the water as it relates to flow efficiency: laminar flow, transient flow, or turbulent flow. 

Using Fluid Characteristic Indication (FCI) technology, Dr. Eddy displays the condition of the water as it relates to cooling efficiency: Laminar flow, transitional flow, or turbulent flow.

Dr. Eddy has four scales built into the meter: three scales for FCI and one scale for flow rate. FCIU scales are selectable and correspond to cooling line port size: 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″. Flow rate scale can be referenced quickly for additional functionality.

The flow scale displays flow rate in gallons or liters in gallons or liters per minute depending on the model. A dual scale temperature gauge is standard on all models for process comparison to the FCI Scales.

Dr. Eddy applies to the science of heat transfer, diagnosing the condition of cooling water lines at a glance. Cooling water capacity can be conserved plant-wide by using the minimum amount of flow that will produce turbulence on all presses. It may be possible to delay costly water system upgrades by optimizing the flow effectivity.

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