CB Series

  • CB100
  • CB400
  • CB500
  • CB700
  • CB900

The CB Series combines easy-to-use operation with the latest temperature control advances at a competitive price.  With powerful new features such as RKC’s new self-tuning for precise automatic control, digital communications for networking, IP66(IP65) for waterproof/dustrpoof protection and heater and loop break alarm capabilities to detect system faiures, these controllers deliver exceptional process performance for the most demanding industrial applications.


  • Bright, easy-to-read LED displays
  • Advanced self-tuning
  • Digital Communications
  • Heat/Cool action
  • Heater/Loop break alarms
  • IP66(65) – Waterproof / dustproof protection

Self-Tuning Algorithm

The CB Series offers a new self-tuning feature that is initiated at start-up and when process parameters or conditions change.  In these situations, the controller evaluates whether the preset self-tuning parameters to achieve the best control for the process.  Self-tuning can be manually turned On/OFF in the parameter setting mode.  This feature is not available with Heat/Cool control.

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