Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems
Temp Controllers SITC 15
Temp Controllers SITC 15

The SITC-15 will take the place of the ITC-15A and RITC-15B controller lines. The controller includes enhanced features to better suit the needs of customers.


  • Fuzzy Logic Phase and Burst Control
  • Automatic Power Response to Any Heater Type or Size
  • Process Temperature and Set-point Display
  • Amperage and Voltage Measurement Display
  • Mode Select
    • Soft Start
    • Manual Percentage Power (Open Loop)
    • Automatic (Closed Loop)
    • Standby
    • Boost
  • Real-Time Fault Detections
    • High Temperature
    • Low Temperature
    • Open Thermocouple
    • Pinched Thermocouple
    • Reversed Thermocouple
    • Shorted TRIAC
    • Open Heater/TRIAC
    • Over Current
  • Audible Alarm
  • Type J and K Thermocouple
  • Grounded or Ungrounded Thermocouple
  • Automatic Bumpless Control for Thermocouple Break when at Set-point Temperature
  • Selectable Degrees C or F
  • Thermocouple High Voltage Fuse Protection
  • Anti-Arc Protection
  • Auto Power On
    • In the event of a power outage, when the power returns, the controller will automatically power back on.
  • 15Amp/240VAC
Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems