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5 Zone

8 Zone

12 Zone

AceTronic Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems come in 5, 8, and 12 Zone base configurations. Extra zone capacity can be added by stacking the mainframes into one of twelve possible configurations we offer as standard units. The stacked unit maximum that is offered can hold up to 60 controllers. Transformers can be built into your system to allow for electrical flexibility should the electrical supply be insufficient at your facility. Single and Dual zone units are also available.

Transformers can be built into your system to allow for electrical flexibility should the  electrical supply be insufficient at your facility. A standard configuration will accept DME, MCS, IMS, and ATHENA. Each mainframes requires no external relays or Contactors. The modules route power directly to the heaters. In addition, the mainframes are portable and can be disconnected quickly and reconnected to another mold. The control modules can be changed without powering down the unit.

Optional features can be added to our mainframes, such as Audible & Visible Alarms, Machine Shutdown and Reset.

Customized Mainframes

AceTronic can customize the mainframes to your unique application, no matter what the configuration. All units are certified by the Electrical Safety Authority . Units are stock and are ready for sameday delivery . Call us and let AceTronic  help you with your upcoming hot runner temperature control system so that we can maximize the cost effectiveness of your purchase.


1, 2, and 3 zone systems include input power cable. The systems accept 3 wire, single phase, 240VAC 50-60Hz input power.

5 zone and higher capacities are pre-wired for 3 phase, 4 wire, 240VAC 50-60Hz installations. Several other voltage, phase, and load balancing requirements can be met through following diagrams found on the rear access covers of the mainframe. Adjustments can be made on field by technical personnel, or the units can be pre-wired to specifications at time of order. These do not include cable for installation.

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